We at DSFH understand that by improving the communication skills of our employees, we will be able to increase the loyalty of our patients and maintain a productive and efficient work environment. We began two years ago to improve the communication skills of Front Liner Staff by conducting English language courses and communication skills and customer service courses. In 2011, we moved a step forward by conducting courses in Sign language to facilitate the communication with patients suffering from hearing impairment.

The Life Support Training Center (LSTC) conducts certified training on basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, and Neonatal Resuscitation for medical, nursing and other staff. Moreover, the Education Department in the Nursing Division has a very active and comprehensive training program throughout the year. The education activities include; workshops, biomedical training, group teaching, clinical training and orientation.

As a healthcare provider, we strive to ensure excellence in the quality of service we provide. This necessitates to continuously conduct training and education for Medical, Paramedical and Nursing Staff. We believe that providing development opportunities to our staff is crucial not only for their career development, which is our primary concern, but also for staff retention and satisfaction. Moreover, our comprehensive education and training ensures that staffs wishing to pursue their career elsewhere have gained the knowledge required to join a reputable healthcare service provider in future.

Our training and education activities are not limited to the medical staff, administrative staff at different levels is always included in these activities. In 2010, we began to introduce lean/6sigma tools of quality into our practices by training 12 staff on these modalities. From communication perspective we have provide all our physicians, directors, managers and key persons with mobile phones to streamline the communication between our staff and ensure rapid response to our patient needs. Furthermore, in order to improve the management skills of our senior staff they were enrolled on an internationally recognized management training course of one year’s duration free of charge. During this course our senior staffs received 96 hours of training in various topics including leadership, strategic thinking, customer satisfaction and communication.

DSFH has incorporated CSR in the orientation program for the newly hired staff. In addition, patient and family rights (PFR), considered part of human rights, are also included in the orientation program. Furthermore, being a JCI standard, PFR is addressed in a multidisciplinary approach by a PFR team and several sessions are conducted during the year to raise the awareness of PFR issues among the staff.