I am delighted to present you the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) website of Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (DSFH). Since we began our CSR journey in 2008, DSFH was recognized as a leader in healthcare CSR. This leadership has been acknowledged by The Saudi Arabian Responsible Competitiveness Index (SARCI) by distinguishing DSFH as a top sustainability player for three consecutive years.
We value our patients and we strive to ensure that they receive the best quality of care. Our efforts and commitments to our patients were exemplified by being awarded the Excellence in Patient Centered Care Award in the Arab Health & Innovation during the largest healthcare exhibition and conference in the Middle East held in Dubai in January 2011. During the same event, three departments; the Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, the Cardio-thoracic Surgery and the Laboratory departments were honored to be selected as one of the best 3 nominees for their respective awards. Those awards coupled with our JCI and ACHSI accreditations confirm that the quality of service we provide is moving in the right direction.
We at DSFH believe in our employees and consider that retaining a professional workforce requires more than a continuous upgrade of salary scale. Maintaining a good, balanced, leisure-work relationship coupled with promoting a healthy life style are crucial for recruiting and retaining those talented staff. We are proud that some of the benefits we recently offered to our employee like the full life insurance plan, the two days weekend, the free vaccination and smoking cessation plans are unique in the private healthcare sector.
We understand that awareness is vital for any CSR practice to succeed. Consequently, we published our first CSR digital magazine aiming to increase CSR awareness among the community. This quarterly magazine is available for download through our website and we are looking forward to know your feedback.
Our commitment to environmental health and safety was illustrated by being one of the first hospitals in the kingdom to get accredited for ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
As a leading healthcare provider, our patients will remain our first and main priority. We believe that by focusing on our patient needs and by listening to all other stakeholders, we will be able to achieve our CSR mission.
I would take this opportunity to thank all our valuable stakeholders and our CSR team for their efforts and contributions in making our sustainability journey successful.

Dr. Mazen Fakeeh

President and Chairman

Fakeeh Healthcare Group